Our Vision, Our Mission

By “Vision”, we mean a goal set in front of us. So in keeping with Jesus’ Great Commission to the church, our goal is to make disciples and teach them to follow Him (Matthew 28:18-20).

In the Roanoke Valley in our time, many people have heard of Jesus. Some understand the basics of what it means to know Christ. Others affirm those basics and live in light of them. Some others grasp far more than the basics. Many come from various evangelical traditions or denominations but have not thoroughly studied the Scriptures to evaluate those backgrounds. We want to be a gathering where all such individuals—and others with no church background or no exposure to the Bible—can come and learn the Bible.

We want people to know, trust, love and worship the Jesus of the Bible through the wondrous grace of His Gospel. And we want those who trust the Lord Jesus to be welcomed into serving Him as part of His church. We’ve designed our membership to reflect our understanding that all who truly trust Christ are in our spiritual family even if they do not agree with every detail we teach. We are committed to holding fast to what we teach—because we believe it is what the Bible teaches; but we are also committed to learning to love one another and grow together as a diverse family from different backgrounds (Romans 14). We join together to glory in Christ Jesus and enjoy His grace and spread His Gospel. So let everyone pursue excellence as we exalt God, edify the saints, and evangelize the lost.

This Week at CMC

Sunday, Mar 18

  • - Sunday School 9:10 am
  • - Morning Worship 10:25 am
  • - Evenings:
    • -3/18 Care Groups
    • -3/25 Evening Worship 6 pm

Monday, Mar 19

  • - Prayer for Leaders 5:45 pm

Tuesday, Mar 20

  • - Prayer for Leaders 6:30 am
  • - Institute for Church
    • Leadership 7 am
  • - Ladies Bible Study 9:30 am

Wednesday, Mar 21

  • - Elders Meeting 3:30 pm
  • - AWANA, Youth Bible Institute,
    • & Adult Bible Study 6:45 pm

Thursday, Mar 22

  • - Hand Bell Practice 6:15 pm
  • - Choir Practice 7:30 pm